Long Distance USB 2.0 Active Extension Lead

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USB2-EXT | Long Distance USB 2.0 Active Extension Lead with built in Booster

Average ETA for Additional Units 3-5 Days
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This cable is a Type-A Male to Type-A Female USB 2.0 active extension cable rated up to 480Mbps. 

The maximum distance between any two USB devices is 5 metres. This product regenerates USB signals for maximum data transfer performance over an additional 10 or 20 metres. You can cascade multiple units to give you a total length of 25 metres.

Fully backwards compatible with all USB 1.1 applications.

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 1 x Type-A Male Connector
  • 1 x Type-A Female Booster Connector
  • Connectors: Nickel Plated 
  • Wire Gauge: 28AWG
  • USB Standard: 2.0
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Colour: Black/Silver
  • Shielding: Aluminium foil with overall braid
  • Data Transfer Rate: 480Mbps Max
  • Factory manufactured and fully tested
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Part Number Product Description
USB2-EXT-10 10M USB 2.0 Distance Booster Lead
USB2-EXT-20 20M USB 2.0 Distance Booster Lead