USB over CAT5 Extender

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XC-4884 | USB 1.1 Low Power Distance Extender 50 Mtrs over Cat5 - Non powered

Average ETA for Additional Units  3-5 Days
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The CAT5 USB Extender can be used to extend the distance between a USB device and a host computer by up to 50m. 

It consists of a local unit with USB Type A Male (host computer side) and a remote unit (device side) with built-in USB Type A Female connector. Standard CAT5e/6 network cable (UTP or STP) is used to connect the two units together.

Please Note:
The CAT5 USB Extender introduces a USB signal delay according to the cable length used. 

This is equivalent to: 

  • 20m / 2 hubs
  • 30m / 3 hubs
  • 50m / 5 hubs

According to the USB standard, a maximum of 5 hubs may be used between a host computer and device, this includes any USB hubs, active extension cables or the equivalent hub rating of this USB Extender. Therefore, when using a 50m cable, no extra hubs or extension cables can be used between computer and device.